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USAFF and FIFA present amputee football at the women’s world cup 2023

The US Amputee Football Federation was invited by FIFA to the 2023 Women’s World Cup to promote amputee football to the world! Take a look at our exciting trip!

USAFF member AMie donathan becomes the first amputee player to enter the fifa museum!

Amie Donathan became the first amputee player to enter the FIFA Museum! She donated crutches, a jersey, gloves, and a boot that were used in the 2022 Amputee World Cup.

Nothing can stop these athletes from pursuing their dreams – NBC Bay Area

Telemundo 39’s Ariana Figueroa met one of our USAFF founders, who showed her that there are no limits to playing soccer. 

The FC Dallas Coaching Staff took some time to scrimmage and learn from our USAFF Amputee Soccer Team!

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