USAFF Gallery

Welcome to our USAFF gallery! Step into a world of inspiration and empowerment as we showcase the incredible impact of our soccer camps. Our gallery is a window into the heartwarming moments, the remarkable athletes, and the transformative experiences that define our mission. Witness the difference we’re making through the power of soccer.

Australia, July 2023
Colombia, July 2023
Portland, September 2023
Texas, September 2023
Ukraine, August 2023
Mexico, July 2023
Sierra Leone, July 2023

USAFF Amputee Soccer Gallery

Welcome to our USAFF Amputee Soccer gallery – get a glimpse of what we’ve been up to and join us as we relive the most memorable moments from our events! From the thrill of international competitions to the camaraderie of training camps, witness the incredible journeys of our athletes and the boundless spirit of the beautiful game.

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Thank you for supporting our incredible journey! We’ll keep adding new camps and adventures to our gallery. If you would like more information and updates, visit our News and Media page or explore our Blog!

If you’re eager to delve deeper into the dynamic world of Amputee Soccer, we encourage you to explore the latest initiatives and exciting developments from our esteemed partners – FIFA, Lone Star Adaptive Soccer, and Operation Go Quickly. These organizations share our passion for inclusivity and sportsmanship, and by keeping up with their activities, you can gain valuable insights into the broader amputee soccer community!
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