What is usaff about?

Welcome to the heart of USAFF, where our story comes to life. Join us as we share our mission, the core tenets that guide our path, the dreams that fuel our journey, and introduce you to the exceptional individuals who make up our dedicated team. Our story will hopefully allow you to gain insight into the driving force behind our mission of inclusivity, empowerment, and the vibrant world of Amputee Soccer!

vision and mission


Elevate and empower ALL women with limb differences through the support, growth, and inclusion of amputee soccer.


We have seen how amputee soccer can elevate women emotionally and physically with a supportive community. We will make sure all women get a chance to share in this power. To ensure we foster a community of belonging that is welcoming and supportive to all, we are committed to take the necessary steps to improve the lives of our amputee soccer family.

usaff Tenets


The decision-making process for USAFF shall prioritize elevating, empowering, and supporting ALL women with limb differences.

top priority

The physical and emotional well-being of women amputee soccer players shall be a top priority.

role models

Women amputee soccer players shall be celebrated as role models and ambassadors for the sport.


Women amputee soccer players shall have access to the same resources, respect, opportunities, and equipment as non-amputee players.


The development and advancement of women amputee soccer players shall be supported at all levels of the game, including the highest level of the sport.


USAFF will allocate a minimum of 10% of its resources, both financial and human, to partner with organizations focused on improving the lives of women with limb differences.

The usaff team!!